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Creative Analytical Lab and Consultant is an independent company offering high quality technical services in a variety of areas including environmental engineering consultancy, industrial water management and laboratory setup and accreditation. These services are essential to ensure environmental compliance, quality control, and industry-standard certification.Assisting clients in obtaining accreditation, recognition or certification from governing bodies such as NABET (QCI), NABL, FASSI, BIS, MOEF&CC, and State Pollution Control Boards. Our company helps industries and organizations to meet regulatory requirements, maintain environmental sustainability It plays an important role in helping to maintain and achieve industry-standard certification.
Crative Analytical Lab was established in 2014 by a group of highly skilled professionals dedicated to pursuing sustainable development in the country. This well-structured firm comprises of eminent experts including engineers, scientists, technocrats and administrators, each of whom brings wide experience and expertise in his/her respective field.
Crative Analytical Lab primary mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of the country by leveraging the diverse knowledge and skills of its founding members. With their combined experience and dedication, CAL aims to provide innovative solutions, guidance and consulting services that promote sustainable practices in various sectors such as infrastructure, environment, technology and more.

Environmental testing services are essential to assess the quality and impact of various environmental factors on ecosystems, human health and overall well-being. These services can include a wide range of tests and analyses, such as air quality testing, water quality testing, soil testing, face mask testing, sanitizer testing, dg stack testing, petroleum testing, noise level monitoring, and more.

Sounds like a wide range of environmental testing services provided by our lab! Environmental testing plays an important role in assessing and ensuring the quality and safety of various aspects of our environment. Here are the details of the services you mentioned:


  • Air quality Testing: This involves analyzing the composition of the air to determine the levels of pollutants and gases. This is important to assess overall air quality and potential health risks.
    • Water Testing: Water quality testing checks the contaminants, pathogens and chemical composition in various water sources such as drinking water, surface water and groundwater.
    • Indoor Air Quality Testing: Focusing on air quality within buildings, this testing helps identify pollutants and factors that may affect the health and comfort of occupants.
    • Soil Testing: Soil analysis helps evaluate soil composition, contamination levels, and nutrient content. It is valuable for agricultural, construction and environmental purposes.
    • Petroleum Testing: Petroleum products are tested for various parameters like composition, viscosity and contaminants to ensure quality and safety in their use.
    • Face Mask Testing: In view of recent global incidents, it is important to test face masks for filtration efficiency, breathability and other factors to ensure their effectiveness in protecting users.
    • Sanitizer Testing: Along with the importance of hand sanitizers, it is necessary to test them for alcohol content, efficacy and safety against pathogens.
    • Sound level testing: This comprehensive test measures sound levels in a variety of environments to ensure compliance with noise regulations and assess potential impacts on human health and wildlife.
    • DG Stack Emissions Testing: Diesel generator stack emissions testing involves measuring pollutants emitted from the exhaust stack to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
    • DG Noise Test: Diesel generator noise test assesses the noise levels generated by a generator to address noise pollution concerns.
    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): EIA involves assessing the potential environmental impacts of proposed projects or developments in order to ensure sustainable and responsible practices

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